A Guide On Wall Oven Sizes – For A Tailored Cooking Experience

A Guide On Wall Oven Sizes For A Tailored Cooking Experience

Wall ovens are a convenient and stylish option for smaller kitchens. By attaching to the wall, these ovens make it effortless to slide dishes in and out.

When paired with separate cooktops, they can give your kitchen a contemporary aesthetic while maximizing space.

But one aspect that makes them stand out is – the variety in the size of wall oven!

Whether you enjoy baking or love experimenting with recipes, investing in a properly-sized wall oven can enhance your culinary skills.

Explore different size of wall options, learn how to measure accurately for the perfect fit, and discover the ideal wall oven for your kitchen layout.

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Types of Wall Oven

These given types are based on the size of wall oven. Have a look to explore its details;

  • Single Wall Oven
    A single wall oven is a popular option that seamlessly integrates into standard cabinetry.
    The size of wall oven optimizes space and eliminates the necessity for custom-made cabinets. With a single wall oven, you can easily forego the inconvenience of transferring bulky cookware from lower ovens to countertops, thus enhancing everyday cooking convenience.Single Wall Oven
  • Double Wall Oven
    By choosing a double size of wall oven, you can stack two ovens atop one another. The standard height for installation must be taken into account for this configuration.
    However, it has a greater capacity for cooking, baking, and broiling. It is perfect for those who host events or have a big family because it enables you to cook several dishes at once, which streamlines the meal preparation process.Double Wall Oven
  • Microwave Combination Wall Oven
    A microwave combination wall oven offers the convenience of having a wall oven paired with either a speed or microwave oven below it. This size of wall oven not only saves valuable counter space but also provides versatility by housing multiple heating options in one convenient location. It is an ideal choice for busy households or those seeking cooking flexibility.Microwave Combination Wall Oven

Best Features of Wall Oven

  • Digital Temperature: Select a size of wall oven with a digital temperature display if you want something straightforward. Since it provides a clear, simple-to-read temperature readout, you will not require an oven thermometer.Digital Temperature
  • Self-cleaning Function: Most electric wall ovens come with a self-cleaning function that utilizes high temperatures to transform leftover food into ash, simplifying the cleaning process. It’s important to note that this procedure may take a few hours and could generate an unpleasant smell.Self-cleaning Function
  • Bake Element: Wall ovens with hidden bake elements conceal the cooking mechanism beneath a smooth surface to prevent food particles from falling into confined spaces.Bake Element
  • Soft-close Doors: Wall ovens with soft-close doors guarantee a quiet and gentle closing, minimising noise and the risk of door damage.Soft-close Doors
  • Timer: The majority of contemporary ovens have built-in timers. Be sure to look for wall ovens that have this crucial feature.Timer
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: To enhance control, you may want to consider investing in a Wi-Fi-enabled wall oven. These intelligent ovens can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing for extra monitoring and control capabilities via smartphone applications. For enhanced control, you may want to consider a wall oven that is Wi-Fi-enabled.Wi-Fi Connectivity

What are Wall Oven Dimensions Standard?

The wall oven dimensions standard are explained below;


Wall ovens commonly come in three standard widths – 24 inches, 27 inches, or 30 inches wide (60 cm, 68 cm, or 76 cm).

However, it’s important to note that the exact wall oven dimensions standard may vary slightly between different models. For instance, an oven listed as being 30″ wide might actually measure at around 29¾″ (75.5 cm).

Height and Depth Variation:

The height and depth of wall ovens dimensions standard can also differ depending on the specific model and style chosen for installation.

Different Installation Options:

  • Proud Installation: A proud installation refers to when the unit is positioned slightly forward from the surrounding cabinetry or countertop.
  • Flush Installation: On the other hand, a flush inset installation places either the front or top edge of the oven at an equal level with its adjacent cabinetry or countertop.

When determining your cabinet wall oven dimensions standard for a wall oven placement, it’s essential to decide whether you prefer a proud or flush setup.

Kindly note that not all ovens are suitable for flush installations; thus consulting the manufacturer’s detailed instructions guide is advisable for precise measurement of size of wall oven.

Single Wall Oven Dimensions Standard

30″ Wall Ovens

Height 27¼ – 28″ (about 70 cm).
Width 28½ – 28⅝″ (about 71 cm).
Depth 23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

27″ Wall Ovens

Height 27⅝ – 28″ (about 71 cm).
Width 25¼ – 25½″ (about 63 cm).
Depth 23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

24″ Wall Ovens

Height 23⁷⁄₁₆ – 23¾″ (about 58 cm)
Width 22¹⁵⁄₁₆ – 23¾″ (about 58 cm)
Depth 21⁹⁄₁₆ – 22 ⅜″ (about 55 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

Double Wall Oven Dimensions Standard

For double wall oven installation, the width and depth are similar to single wall ovens. Heights may vary:

30″ Wall Ovens

Height  50¼ – 51¹³⁄₁₆″ (about 129 cm).
Width 28½ – 28⅝″ (about 71 cm).
Depth 23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

27″ Wall Ovens

Height 50¼″ (about 127 cm).
Width 28½ – 28⅝″ (about 71 cm).
Depth 23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

24″ Wall Ovens

Height 49¾” (about 124 cm).
Width 22-1/16 – 22⅝ (about 57 cm).
Depth 21⁹⁄₁₆ – 22 ⅜″ (about 55 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

Combination Wall Oven Dimensions Standard

For combination wall ovens, width and depth requirements are like double and single wall ovens. Heights depend on oven and microwave capacities:

30″ Wall Ovens

Height 41⁵⁄₁₆ – 43⁷⁄₁₆″ (about 119 cm).
Width 28½ – 28⅝″ (about 71 cm).
Depth 23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

27″ Wall Ovens

Height 41⅛ – 41⁵⁄₁₆″ (about 104 cm).
Width 25¼ – 25½″ (about 63 cm).
Depth 23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) excluding door frames and handles.

How to Measure Wall Oven Dimensions?

Step 1: Remove the Present Oven

To get precise measurements of size of wall oven, first, remove your existing wall oven from its cabinet cutout or wall installation.Remove the Present Oven

Step 2: Measure the width

Measure the cutout’s width from one side to the other using a measuring tape.Measure the width

Step 3: Measure the depth

Measure from the wall to the front of the cabinet face, except the cabinet door, to determine the depth of the wall oven cutout. Considering the wall oven dimensions standard, cabinet depths are typically 24 inches.Measure the depth

Step 4: Calculate Height

To calculate the cutout’s height, measure the distance between the top and bottom of the opening. Keep in mind that single and double wall ovens can have significantly different heights.Calculate Height

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Oven

To choose the appropriate wall oven for your kitchen and cooking preferences, consider a few factors.

1. Internal Oven Capacity

Begin by assessing the capacity to determine how much food it can accommodate – larger wall oven cabinet sizes provide more space.

Single Wall Ovens

24-inch ovens offer around 2-3 cubic feet of cooking space.

27-inch ovens provide approximately 4 cubic feet.

30-inch ovens typically have capacities ranging from 4.7 to 5.1 cubic feet. Some 30-inch models with reduced heights offer about 1.7 cubic feet for 1-2 dishes.

Double Wall Ovens

Double wall oven cabinet sizes have double the capacity of single ovens. For example, a 27-inch double oven may offer two 4.3 cubic foot spaces, totalling 8.6 cubic feet.

Combination Ovens

Combination wall oven cabinet sizes fall between the capacities of microwaves and wall ovens.

2. Type of fuel

Additionally, evaluate whether your kitchen setup accommodates gas or electric wall oven cabinet sizes.

Learn how both types of fuel can affect your cooking experience and which would be more helpful depending on your needs.

3. Features

Even-heat(™) True Convection

Convection ovens use a fan to keep a constant temperature. Even-HeatTM True Convection includes a third heating component in addition to the fan, like the Even-HeatTM system from KitchenAid. Even cooking is made possible by this design, making it ideal for caramelized vegetables, juicy roasts, and flaky baked goods.

Satinglide Roll-Out Extension Rack

With a sturdy handle and easy loading and unloading, this feature makes it simple to cook with large or heavy dishes.

Fit Guarantee

Fit Guarantee ensures that if you have wall oven cabinet sizes, they are guaranteed to fit. In the unlikely event they don’t, you can claim within 30 days of delivery. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this offer may be subject to change.


To sum it up, the wall oven is increasingly popular among kitchen enthusiasts due to its flexibility and ability to be customized to suit personal preferences.

It’s essential to comprehend the various factors, including wall oven sizes, configurations, and costs, in order to maximize your kitchen’s potential and your cooking experience.

Happy Cooking!

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