There is a story behind everything, a passion behind every success and a motive behind every move we make.

So what is the story behind It’s actually a very funny story.

Being the nerdy person in the family has always had its pros and cons for me. The pros being, considered the smartest in the family which was an honor. But the cons if you ask me overtook the pros, being asked about anything, every time someone wanted to buy something.

It first began within the family with much important things, like which smartphone should we buy or which microwave oven should be best against our budget and I would gladly make the research and tell them which product they should go for.

From there, things took a drastic turn. Everyone in the friends, family, relatives and even neighbors started asking for my opinions before buying anything and frankly everything. And so began my life as everyone’s personal salesman and tech advisor.

I was researching for the best smartphone power banks because my sister’s friend’s boyfriend was looking for one and I was researching for the best baby bottles because my aunt’s neighbor’s daughter was going to have a baby soon.

Can you seriously picture my dilemma?

Then one day, as I sat down pondering over my state of agony with a mind full of information that was now useless for me but very important for someone else, the idea hit me like a striking bolt of thunder.

And that is how came into existence.

About is a site dedicated to researching and evaluating products, comparing it with other products in the same competition and then carefully pooling out a list of 10 best amongst them in relation to their working, efficiency, quality and company history.

Each product is carefully reviewed and customer opinions, feedbacks as well as comments are taken into account before finalizing the best 10. is a site that can seriously save your time as well as money.

You do not have to waste time going pages over pages and products over products looking for what is best for you. We have already done that. With the help from our reviews you can easily decide which product you should go for without wasting money buying products that will fail your expectations.

Our reviews are detailed, based upon extensive research and cover every nook and cranny of the product. Each product has pros and cons to further help you decide what is best for you.

10Thing.Com is your companion in helping you decide the best of the products.