Best Countertop Oven – For Roast, Toast and Heat up In 2024

Best Countertop Oven

Who doesn’t like a convenient countertop oven that can easily roast, toast and heat up stuff for you? Let’s say you want to bake some muffins – a good oven lying on top of your kitchen counter can make a whole lot of difference in the taste and preparation of it.

Countertop ovens are seen in almost all the households owing to the convenience that they offer. Most of them have powerful technology that can handle defrosting as well, which can narrow down your cooking time and ensure that you don’t have to stand in the kitchen for too long.

What Can You Cook In A Countertop Oven?

Countertop Oven work the same way as wall ovens or huge ones, they are just less space consuming and take less energy than the big ones. Countertop Oven can roast a whole chicken and even a 14 pound turkey. It can even bake two 12 inch pizzas. Besides that, you can use it to bake muffins or cookies, bread and cakes as well!

Why Should You Use Countertop Oven?

You should be using a countertop oven because it is relatively smaller and is portable. It can be moved around with ease and is the perfect size for small dishes like crisping or toasting a sandwich. Besides that, countertop ovens come with robust features which are much similar to that of regular ovens. Their specialized features makes them as versatile as their counterparts too!

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Some Important Features To Look Out For:

Before heading on to the stores to make your picks, here’s what you need to know about citrus juicers to make a wise long-term investment. Be sure to skim through the features listed below.

  • Timers and Automatic Shut Off
    This is by far, the most important feature that you should investigate before buying any citrus juicer. This is important as the leftovers of citrus fruits like pulp or juice can be room for bacteria and germs, causing many infections too. It can also be a hefty task to clean appliances in general – and washing away the pulp and the residue of the citrus fruits can be time-consuming. Make sure to pick the one that is dishwasher friendly.
  • Multiple Speed Options
    Depending on whether you want to extract the most juice or minimal out of the fruit/vegetable, you should be opting for a citrus juicer with multiple speeding options. High speeds are better for harder fruits like apples, while slow speeds can work well with soft ones like strawberries.
  • Container Volume
    Container volume is very important when it comes to choosing the best citrus juicer as some products have a flat and shallow container that won’t be able to hold a lot of juice quantity – they are ideal for regular use only. But if you are making a large batch of lemonade, then you will be needing a large container as well. This may vary in size, but ideally, a volume of 1ltr should do the job well.

Without further Ado, let’s get into it.

Our Recommended Compact Countertop Oven


COMFEE CFO-BB101First on the list and the most economical option in terms of countertop oven, this robust machinery comes with 3 in one design. You can book, broil or even toast anything in this mini space saving oven. It comes with two racks to add to your convenience and has a built in timer too!

Key features:

  • Multifunctional as you can toast, bake or broil in this oven
  • It is lightweight and compact along with a space saving design
  • It comes with two racks that lets you make many things at a time
  • Intuitively designed operation dials – comes with two dials that lets you set your desired cooking time
  • Comes with resourceful accessories and it is easy to clean too
  • Comes with a one year warranty

2. Total Chef TCTO09 AZ

Total Chef TCTO09 AZFeaturing another great piece of machinery – this oven is sure to blow you away with its magnificent appeal and robust functionality. It comes with a compact, space saving design and has many temperature controls that lets you be the boss. Besides that, it is easy to operate and let’s you toast, reheat or defrost without using excessive energy or heating up your kitchen.

Key features:

  • Come with powerful technology that is easy to operate and let’s you bake, defrost, reheat and toast as well
  • Does not heat up the kitchen or take up a lot of energy
  • Ideal for small apartments and office kitchens
  • Has wide temperature ranges with upper and lower heating elements
  • It has dishwashing safe accessories including aluminum baking pan, removable crumb tray and chrome wire rack

3. Betty Crocker BC-1664CB

Betty Crocker BC-1664CBFeaturing an exquisite option that features a sturdy and a promising look with a glass door and convenient temperature dials on the front, this oven is a keeper. It is not only space saving, but also great for small kitchens and office kitchens.  It also comes with two rack positions, making it more useful.

Key features

  • Compact, portable and a lightweight design
  • Comes with a product manual
  • It has easy to use mechanical controls for heating power and time
  • It comes with two rack positions with slide in adjustments to ensure proper placement
  • It has easy to clean accessories as you can easily remove the tray to wash them off
  • Comes with a glass door for you to track progress of the cooking


TOSHIBA AC25CEW-BSPresenting you another great countertop oven that’s sure to leave you stunned, this oven by Toshiba is a keeper. The brand promises excellence and reliability. This oven comes with 10 in one functionality which makes it a keeper. You can not only broil, bake or toast, but also reheat, rotisserie and make pizzas too!

​Key features:

  • Comes with a plethora of options
  • It is easy to use with three control knobs which have LCD displays
  • Offers superior quality and powerful cooking owing to the 1500watts powerful output and high quality materials used to design it
  • Comes with six accessories like baking pan, rack clamp, crumb tray and a lot more!
  • It has a larger interior which can accommodate up to 6 slices of bread
  • Comes with one year long warranty

5. LUBY GH55-H

LUBY GH55-HComing with robust set of features and a stunning design that’s sure to have you sold at the first glance this countertop oven is the ultimate dream of all the cooking enthusiasts out there. This oven has larger capacity with four rack positions. It has a French door design and comes with 60 minute timer as well.

Key features:

  • Very large – can accommodate a family came, a huge turkey and has four rack positions
  • It has a French door design
  • It has a separate temperature sector that lets you control the temperature for upper and lower racks – this maximizes flexibility
  • Comes with a 60 minute timer and easy to turn knobs
  • Quick heating and an upgraded style with three different knobs featuring different functionality

6. NUWAVE Convection Oven226

NUWAVE Convection Oven226Featuring another high end and a premium option in terms of countertop oven, this stunning piece of machinery is sure to impress you. This one comes with integrated digital temperature probe and 112 presets that are built in. It features patented linear T technology that executes the set temperature with precision.

Key features:

  • Comes with intuitive digital control panel that is easy to operate
  • Comes with 112 presets and conveniences built in – it comes with additional preprogrammed recipe presets that you can use to speed up the cooking process
  • Features linear thermal technology that executes the set temperature with utmost precision throughout the cooking process by monitoring the fluctuations too
  • High end and exquisite construction – made up of high quality materials and the Glassdoor is shatterproof


Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHPAnother great countertop oven would be this one! This modern countertop oven comes with convection technology for quick heating and let’s you cook pizzas, toasts and defrost things as well. Besides that, it comes with a large interior that can accommodate many things at once time. You can add a family sized chicken in it too. With two oven racks, you can easily bake many pizzas or cookies in one go.

Key features:

  • Features convection technology that is fast and convenient
  • Comes with digital settings
  • Hs large capacity to cater to large batches of food
  • Has two oven racks, baking pan and broiling rack too!
  • It comes with a 90 minute timer and auto shut off feature too, which makes it a keeper


COSORI CO130-AOFeaturing another modern looking countertop oven that features twelve functions so that makes it multifunctional. It has large capacity so it can cater to large batches of food as well. Besides that, the convection function can reduce your cooking time too. You can try the recipe book that’s included in the package too. You can use the convection fan for fast cooking too.

Key features:

  • Premium and high quality
  • Superior multifunctional properties
  • Has large capacity to cook for five to seven people
  • You can reduce the cooking time by using the Smart Air Fryer Toaster Oven
  • Comes with a recipe book too
  • The glass door design let’s you keep a closer look at the color and texture of the food too

9. Ninja SP101

Ninja SP101Presenting you another classy countertop oven that features a wider design which can accommodate large amounts of food. It has digital crisp control technology with optimum cooking performance. It has eight in one versatile functions and facilitates faster cooking. You can easily clean the removable parts like the crumb tray as well. Besides that, the air frying technology ensures that there is less fat in your food as compared to deep frying.

Key features:

  • Robust digital control technology that monitors temperature, heat control and a lot more
  • Multifunctional and is super powerful
  • Can cook faster in air roast as compared to tradition oven
  • Has large capacity
  • Relatively less space consuming
  • Easy cleaning with a sleek design

10. Calphalon TSCLTVFD2

Calphalon TSCLTVFD2Last, but not the least, this countertop oven features an upgraded, more modern, French door design with quartz heat technology that can give you superior cooking results and preheats much faster. It has large capacity and has built-in interior light too! With high contract LCD screen, you’ll be having a great cooking experience.

Key features:

  • Modern and a robust design with a French door
  • Comes with Quartz what technology that preheats faster and allows for superior cooking too
  • Has larger capacity and can cook for many people at a time
  • Has built-in interior light to monitor the food when it’s cooking without opening the door, and the glass door also facilitates this
  • Comes with two temperature adjusting knobs and has sturdy bottom that will make it stay intact

Final Advice

Though all these countertop ovens are amazing, but you should be knowing your priorities. If you are someone who loves well designed and aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliances, then you can go for a French door one. On the other hand, if you like functionality more than the looks, then opt for the one with the most power and robust features.

Besides that, if you have to cook for a lot of people frequently, then getting an oven with large capacity would suit you well. Nonetheless, choosing one of the ovens mentioned above won’t make you regret it. It will be a long term investment that you’ll praise us for recommending you! Since everyone is shifting towards a countertop oven than a traditional oven, you should try it as well.

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