Top 7 Best Dishwasher Brands

Best Dishwasher Brands

Gone are the days when you had to wash the dishes on your own, thanks to technology, we now have dishwashing machines available across the globe. There’s no need to scrub the dishes manually. You can simply throw in all the dirty dishes in the washer, and they’ll do all the work for you. This is the reason why they are essential in our daily lives. A high-quality dishwasher can be one of the best investments that you can make for your home.

A good dishwasher can save you time and energy, at the same time, lower your utility bills as well. It can be quite a tedious task to look for the best dishwasher as there is a plethora of options available in the market. With competitors trying to up their ante, each dishwasher brand is leveling up and taking the functionality element seriously. To make this task easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top dishwasher brands that you should consider before getting one for yourself.

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  1. Samsung
    samsungA South Korean company popularly known for its electronic devices, should be the go-to brand for a dishwasher. You must have come across many electronic items of Samsung including phones, microwaves, LCDs, and we’re sure you’ve never been disappointed. The company has maintained an excellent reputation within the electronics market. You can’t go wrong with Samsung’s dishwashers! With differing capacities, stainless steel designs and even invertor options, the brand is sure to amaze you when it comes to dishwashers and electronics in general.
  2. Whirlpool
    WhirlpoolThe guru of home appliances and the ultimate go-to brand for kitchen and home products, Whirlpool, an American brand, has an excellent reputation in the consumer goods markets. Their electronic products are thriving and excelling across the globe. From portable to aesthetically pleasing dishwashers, you’ll find everything at the brand. Reassuring you excellent quality and durability, you’ll never regret investing in this brand’s dishwasher. Whirlpool belongs to the list of the most reliable dishwashers and the spare parts, along with the cost of repairs is relatively cheaper than other brands.
  3. KitchenAid
    KitchenAidKitchenAid is an American home appliances company that was founded around 100 years ago. The brand has been around in the market for a long period of time, so it can be trusted with durability and reliability. KitchenAid’s dishwashers have a lifespan of around 12 years. The brand offers larger third rack options and panel-ready products, but their machines are expensive and don’t have smart features like that of LG and other brands. Besides that, they are great to have if you want a machine to last you a very long time.
  4. LG
    LG Another South Korean MNC that has an excellent reputation in the electronics market for its products’ stellar looks and performance, along with functionality – LG may not be so popular in smartphones, but it is a popular choice when it comes to home appliances like TVs, air conditioners, and dishwashers. LG dishwashers give you large load capacity, top and front control, and adjustable racks, along with sleek and modern looks that are sure to have you sold at the first glance.
  5. Bosch
    BoschNext to Samsung, we have Bosch. Another well-reputed German multinational company that is known worldwide for consumer goods and electronics. Bosch dishwashers come in a variety of shapes, functionalities, and sizes. They have been tested by reviewers and are one of the most long-lasting dishwashers, which will be a great long-term investment for you.You can expect a Bosch dishwasher to last you around 10 years or even more if you maintain it well. An interesting thing about the brand’s dishwashers is that they use a condensation drying process that doesn’t involve a heating element. Rather, they use a final hot rinse that works with the cool stainless-steel interior to promote condensation. Water then drips off dishes faster and more efficiently.
  6. Maytag
    MaytagMaytag is one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the United States. It sells washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers under both premium brands and mid-to-lower price value brands; hence it is affordable to everyone. With extra powerful and robust features like Dual Power Filtration, PowerBlast Cycle and PowerDry, Maytag’s dishwashers can impress you in seconds and they will surely be an investment you won’t regret.
  7. Thermador
    ThermadorAnother great brand worth investing in for dishwashers would be Thermador. There’s a reason why chefs love Thermador – from powerful burners, robust dishwashers, and steam convection cooking to rotisserie wall ovens, and freedom induction, the range of products and the stellar performance that Thermador’s products offer is second to none. You can trust your money with this brand’s dishwashers!

Final Advice

On a concluding note, it can be said that though there’s an array of options out there for you to choose from, it is always a wise decision to invest in an expensive, but a reliable brand, rather than settling for something that is subpar. Nonetheless, we hope you found this article useful, good luck on your dishwasher hunt!

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