Best Food Storage Containers To Store Leftover Food In 2024

Best Food Storage Containers

If there’s one thing that we’ll always need in our kitchens, it would be food storage containers. Whether it is to store leftover food, spare food, or for picnic, these handy food storage containers can do more good to us than harm. A great thing about them is that they are super cheap and most of them are reusable too!

Food storage containers can be of many types, ranging from the most common ones that are plastic, to materials as rare as ceramic. They’re also available in glass and aluminum material which can keep the food fresh. Food storage containers are a great way to organize your fridge so that it becomes easier for you to keep a track of your food in order to have it later.

Are Glass Containers Safer than Plastic Ones?

If you are storing leftovers, then it is advisable to choose glass food storage containers. This is because plastic containers are long known for releasing hazardous chemicals when frozen and when heated up. For your own safety, go for glass food storage containers. Besides that, the appropriate glass containers will be refrigerator safe and won’t break even if they are frozen.

Precautions To Take Before Storing Food

  • Allow the food to cool down before storing it – especially if you are storing your food in a plastic container
  • Your containers should be airtight, BPA free and microwave friendly to have a healthy experience and to keep your food fresh
  • Don’t leave your food uncovered in a container and always cover it with a lid
  • Opt for a transparent storage container to see the contents inside easily
  • You might want to get a container that has built-in labels on it to keep a track of all the contents that are inside without having to look at them closely

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Some Important Features To Look Out For:

Some of the defining features of food storage containers include the following:

  • Shapes
    food storage containers may come in many shapes. They can be circular in shape or rectangular. It depends on what you plan to buy based on your own preferences, but you can either get a set of uniform shapes or opt for a set of mix shape containers.
  • Material
    food containers can be of many types. Where glass containers can be the easiest to wash and have a luxury appeal, plastic ones are lightweight and transparent. However, plastic containers can be harmful for health, while glass containers can be heavy and prone to breakages.
  • Sizes
    food storage containers can vary between small, medium to large and extra large sizes. Generally, in a set of storage containers, you get all the sizes, which can make it easy for you to store different kinds of food.
  • Microwave and Freezer Friendly
    the best food storage containers will have microwave friendly and freezer friendly properties. Essentially, you want to be able to store the food in the freezer and take it out once you plan to have it again for which you’ll have to heat it up again. Therefore, this should be a feature present in food storage containers and it is unlikely available in iron or aluminum food storage containers.

Without further Ado, let’s get into it.

Our Recommended Compact Food Storage Containers

1. GoodCook 41758

GoodCook 41758Featuring an all time classic, these plastic food containers are BPA free and are deemed as safe for use. They come with a set of 24 items and they are microwave and freezer safe too. Besides that, these plastic containers come as an airtight solution for you to completely seal off the food when it is stored. It also comes with measurements to provide exact amount of food stored inside.

Key features:

  • Versatile – comes with many pieces, from big to small food containers
  • They are microwave and freezer friendly to store and reheat ad you wish
  • Comes with integrated measurements that allow for exact amount of food to be tracked inside the container
  • Comes with airtight lid that seals it completely
  • BPA free – it is completely safe to use!

2. Prepara LL25151

Prepara LL25151Another great food storage container that not only does the job well, but also looks good would be this one! It comes with interlocking containers with unique steaming vents and pouring lip. Besides that, it features double decker microwaving capability along with being BPA free!

Key features:

  • Good looking food container
  • Comes with interlocking and unique steaming vents along with pouring lip
  • Microwave friendly with double decker microwaving capability
  • It is BPA free and you can clearly see the contents in it too


IUMÉPresenting you a unique and a convenient option in terms of food storage containers, these are sure to have you sold! They come with leakproof and durable quality that guarantees you healthy and nutritious meals. They are made up of premium materials which makes these containers long lasting too. The only downside to these containers is that you can only see the contents from the lid, not from outside, which can create a hassle for you. Other than that, they’re ideal for kitchen use.

Key features

  • Leak proof and durable owing to the excellent quality and design
  • Microwave friendly but to some extent only
  • Freezer friendly, but try not to squeeze them into narrow spaces or they can break
  • Made up of premium quality materials and are reusable and recyclable too
  • They are BPA friendly

4. Sistema 2166385

Sistema 2166385Featuring an aesthetically pleasing set of food containers which are sure to leave you amazed. These come with colorful lids to light up your mood. They are space saving and airtight. They are also BPA free. They are ideal for everyday usage and the see through design helps you keep the track of the contents inside.

​Key features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing lids – comes with different colours
  • Space saving design and are airtight and leakproof as well
  • They are microwave and freezer friendly
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • Can be reused as many times as you’d like

5. Freshware ‎FR-116X50BK

Freshware ‎FR-116X50BKThese set of food storage containers are sure to be a keeper. They come with a convenient design that helps you store large amounts of food and save money at the same time. With these containers, you can have a healthy meal everywhere. They are made up of premium quality and design. The best thing about them is that they are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe too!

Key features:

  • Made up of premium quality and design – can last you a very long time
  • They are microwave, dishwasher and freezer friendly so you can store, reheat them and clean them as per your convenience
  • With a pack of 50, you can store a plethora of food items and that too, at an economical price

6. Pyrex 1136617

Pyrex 1136617Another great option in terms of food storage containers would be this one. For all those who are a fan of glass containers, these creative and high end storage containers, available at an economical price are sure to be a keeper. They come with a 10 piece set and non toxic life that is BPA free. The airtight seal will keep your food fresh for hours.

Key features:

  • Economical and ergonomic design with 10 pieces that are convenient to use
  • They come with airtight and BPA free lids to keep your food fresh for a long time
  • The high quality tempered glass resists stains and odors
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Comes with a warranty of two years
  • They are from a trusted brand so they are reliable and durable

7. Snapware 1136159

Snapware 1136159Featuring simplistic, yet very useful food storage containers that will last you a long time as they are made up of high quality, BPA free material. They have non toxic lids which makes them airtight and sealed, keeping your food fresh for longer hours. You can easily label your food with a built in write and erase label on lids which makes them fun and useful!

Key features:

  • Comes with a 20 pieces set
  • Promises premium quality that will last you a long time
  • BPA free plastic material
  • They are dishwasher and microwave safe too
  • You can label your food with built in write and erase label on lids for added convenience
  • Snapware is a trusted brand in terms of kitchen items

8. Rubbermaid

RubbermaidComing from a renowned brand, these food storage containers are a keeper. They are leak proof and BOA free with airtight seal to keep your food fresh and secure. They are ideal for parties and meal preps for regular days. They are clear so you can see the contents inside of them too. They come with a lifetime warranty too.

Key features:

  • Excellent brand reputation
  • BOA free and are airtight and leakproof
  • Come with a clear design that let’s you see the contents inside easily
  • They have built-in vents under latches that enable splatter resistant microwaving even with the lid on
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly!

9. Joseph Joseph 81098

Joseph Joseph 81098Featuring yet another classy and seamlessly stylish design, these storage containers are a keeper. They come with color coded design with lovable snap together lids and innovative space saving design which makes them convenient too. They are airtight and leak proof as well. They’re also freezer safe and microwave friendly!

Key features:

  • Color coded and a space saving design with lovable and airtight features
  • They are freezer and microwave safe
  • They are leak proof as well
  • They come with lockable snap together lids to tightly secure the box

10. Anchor Hocking 13952ECOM

Anchor Hocking 13952ECOMLast, but not the least, these exquisite glass food storage containers come in all shapes and sizes that you’d ever need! They can store large quantities of food and the glass does not retain stains or odors either. They can be stored in the freezer and reheated easily as well. Besides that, they are see through and recyclable which makes them ideal for all the kitchen experts.

Key features:

  • Comes in a great package with navy lids to make a statement in the kitchen
  • You can easily store and reheat dishes as many times as you’d like
  • The glass can handle high temperatures
  • They are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
  • It comes with 5 year warranty as well
  • Offers great value of money

Final Advice

It can be said that glass containers are typically deemed as the safest to use from a health perspective, but plastic containers can be a lot cheaper. However, if you can take care of the glass containers well, then they can look great on your table too. They are prone to breakages when washing, but can last longer than plastic containers, so they are a good long term investment.

Whether you freeze the food or heat it, food storage containers are a must-have and you might be missing out on the nicest kitchen and food hacks if you don’t own them. So, get your grabs from the best brands out there and hopefully, this list was useful for you! These picks are sure to not disappoint you and you’ll be praising us as well. Alternatively, you can also try to store some ingredients like veggies in airtight pouches that can be convenient especially when you are traveling. You can take a bite or two as you can conveniently place the airtight pouch in your bag and carry it with you wherever you go.

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