Best Knife Sharpener – That Keep Your Blades Sharp

Best Knife Sharpener

It can be quite frustrating when your knives tend to wear out or lose their efficiency over time, but it is natural for them to lose out on their sharpness. To renew those slowed down knives, invest in a knife sharpeners. This can not only help you chop your veggies and meat faster, but will save you a lot of money too. It does not matter if you buy the most expensive or branded knives ever, all of them need to be sharpened periodically.

There are two ways you could go about knife sharpening process – firstly you could get them sharpened by a technician and secondly, you could invest in a knife sharpener to do it at the comfort of your home. No one wants a dull knife that always has a risk of making you get injuries. To avoid that, invest in a good knife sharpener now!

Which Knife Sharpeners Do Professional Chefs Use?

According to professional chefs, the most effective way to sharpen knives is to invest in whetstones. Unlike electric and manual sharpeners, whetstones allow a higher degree of freedom, rather than fixed blades to sharpen the edges, to hone the blades to different angles with a lot of control.

How Many Types of Knife Sharpeners Are There?

There are five main types of knife sharpeners including:

  • Electric
    Electric knife sharpeners are a convenient tool to hone your blades with perfection. It requires minimal effort to do so and the learning curve tends to be flat. Besides that, most of the electric knife sharpeners have two or more slots using which you can pull the knife blade easily. The best thing is that you don’t need any skills to sharpen your knives through this method.
  • Manual
    Manual knife sharpeners are relatively quicker and by using them, you can easily sharpen the edges, without worrying about too much about a messy situation. Another great thing about manual knife sharpeners is that they offer quick results and have some of the most durable blades.
  • Sharpening Systems
    Another type of knife sharpening technique would be to use a knife sharpening system that straddles the line between user friendliness of electric and manual sharpeners and the precision control of a sharpening stone. It gives you the best of both worlds. Each system works differently, however the principles are the same. The knife is clamped in place on the unit while the operator sharpens the edges with a whetstone that is attached to the unit to maintain a fixed angle.
  • Stones
    Stones are generally used by many professionals, especially whetstones. Using this method, you can affix the stone to a surface and run the knife back and forth across the stone until it is sharp. Notably, some stones have a coarse side and a fine side too, to refine the edges.
  • Steels
    This is a frequently used method to sharpen the knives. However, you cannot restore a heavily worn or damaged knife with a few strokes along the home. Also, after honing, the edge isn’t always sharper, but the honing process can make the edges straight – enough to cut as if it had been sharpened.

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Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A Knife Sharpener:

  • The Grit
    When picking out the best knife sharpener out there, it is important to evaluate the various levels of grit. Most of the stones are double sided with a coarse side, and a fine one. The level of grit depends on how much metal is taken off of the knife during the process of honing and sharpening. Make sure you check out the coarse grit, medium grit and the fine grit.
  • Time
    We all know that every knife sharpener will take a lot of time to hone your blades. However, some of them can do the job quicker than the others. You can invest in a manual or an electric sharpener which only requires a few passes through the sharpener. This can get the job done quickly.
  • The Cost
    The price of knife sharpeners can vary between $10 to $200. You may have to consider your budget and the type of knife sharpener that you’re planning to get as each one would have a different price.
  • Looks
    Though these should be least of your concerns, it is important to match the kitchen faucet with the overall look of your kitchen. A gold and black faucet can look great with brown or beige interior of your kitchen. Hence you should be keeping this in your mind while making the picks.

Without further ado, let’s head onto the list.

Our Recommended Compact Knife Sharpener

1. AnySharp Global

AnySharp GlobalRanking at the very top, this knife sharpener consists of hands free suction cup base which attaches securely to any surface for safe home usage. It will last you a long time. It is patented kitchen tool that uses tungsten carbide to prolong the life of any kind of knife. The best thing about it is that it uses no electricity and causes no noise pollution either.

Key features:

  • Consists of robust technology that uses tungsten carbide to extend the life of almost any knife
  • It is deemed as safe and durable with hands free suction cup
  • Consists of the perfect 20 degree angle that lets you hone your blades with perfection
  • Super easy to use with light pressure

2. CUPLES 01

CUPLES 01Featuring an exquisite and a robust knife sharpener that consists of advanced technology to hone your blades to perfection. This sharpener is ideal for chef’s knife, hunting knife, pocket knife and many other knives. The best thing about it is that it sharpens quickly and saves your time as well.

Key features:

  • Professional and ultra modern knife sharpener
  • Comes with highly efficient knife blade that is ideal for chef’s knife, butcher’s knife and many others
  • You can get done in seconds owing to the sharp razor
  • Comes with non slip suction pad base which can be placed on the smooth desktop during operation

3. KITCHEPOOL Knife sharpener

KITCHEPOOL Knife sharpenerFeaturing another classic knife sharpener that’s sure to leave you stunned owing to its robust technology and excellent functionality. It comes with three sharpening slots and cut resistant glove equipment too. Besides that, it is easy to use and consists of a non slip silicone base at the bottom that won’t slide when sharpening.

Key features

  • Comes with three sharpening slots and cut resistant glove for each sharpener
  • Comes with an ergonomic design with a non slip silicone base at the bottom that won’t slide when you’re sharpening
  • Made up of high quality material that is durable and safe to use
  • Can last you a very long time


KITCHELLENCE KS37 PPresenting you yet another great tool for knife sharpening, this one’s a keeper for those who need to refine their old knives. It not only comes with three slot system, but also is easy to use. It comes with premium quality and is crafted from solid ABS plastic that is strong and will last you a long time.

​Key features:

  • Comes with three slot system comprising of an ergonomic handle that allows you to hone your knives in seconds
  • Comes with cut resistant glove, along with a non slip base that can make it more comfortable as you work
  • Made up of high quality and premium material – it is strong and durable

5. Orange Ninja 4-Stage Knife Sharpener

Orange Ninja 4-Stage Knife SharpenerThis knife sharpener is a great tool to sharpen your knives in seconds. It comes with a four slot system along with razor sharp edge and easy to use functionality. You can easily sharpen the edges of paring knives, old knives, filet knives and many others. It is made up of premium quality material and is crafted with ABS plastic that is strong and durable.

Key features:

  • Comes with high quality ABS plastic that is strong and durable
  • Comes with four in one system comprising of coarse slot, medium slot, fine slot and a serrated slot to hone your blades to perfection
  • Comes with razor sharp edge
  • Consists of ergonomic handle that is super easy to use
  • Ideal for all kinds of knives including paring knives, serrated knives, filet knives, hunting knives, etc.

6. Mueller KSE-24

Mueller KSE-24Featuring another sleek and professional knife sharpener comprising of excellent functionality with easy to use elements and excellent honing abilities. This can be used for all kinds of knives ranging from folding knives to ceramic ones. It comes with razor sharpness that can sharpen your blades quickly. Besides that, it comes with a compact design which is space saving too.

Key features:

  • Comes with accurate precision and robust technology ensuring quick sharpening and a long lasting tool
  • Ideal for various kinds of knives so it is multipurpose
  • It is safe and easy to use with razor sharpness
  • Comes with a compact design that is space saving too
  • Consists of superior quality and will last you a long time

7. Work Sharp WSBCHPAJ

Work Sharp WSBCHPAJLooking for something unique and upbeat? Then look no further. This knife sharpener is surely going to impress you with it’s ultra modern technology and functionality. It comes with three sided abrasive jig and clamp style to make the manual sharpening quicker and more efficient. Moreover, it is adjustable and comes with a three year warranty.

Key features:

  • Comes with three sided abrasive jig and clamp style with angle guided features
  • It is flexible and easily repeatable
  • Comes with v block clamp that secures the knife safely
  • Comes with a warranty – you can use it for some time to test it out

8. Brod & Taylor KS-500

Brod & Taylor KS-500This contemporary and ultra modern option is for all those who love sleekness in everything. This knife sharpener is the fastest way to hone any knife. It consists of high quality solid stakes steel base with tungsten carbide sharpeners that are made in Austria. Not only can you sharpen the blades, but you can also realign the knives by changing the angle of the blade.

Key features:

  • Fastest and the easiest way to sharpen knives using the robust technology
  • Made up of ground tungsten carbide which safely sharpens all types of knives
  • Comes with patented spring action bars that are made in Austria
  • Safe to use with the finest knives and razor sharp blades without removing any metal

9. Chef’sChoice Trizor 0101500

Chef’sChoice Trizor 0101500Here’s another option that you should not ignore in terms of Knife Sharpeners, this one is indeed, a keeper. It comes with three stage sharpening system along with diamond abrasives and 15 degree edges for finer edge sharpening. You can completely modify all your knives using this powerful machine that is easy to use and can do the job in less than ten seconds.

Key features:

  • Comes with three stage sharpening to polish and finish the blade
  • Has diamond abrasives on the straight edge and serrated knife sharpener that operated at a high speed
  • Enables flexible cutting that results in arch shaped edges down the full length of the blade
  • Easy to use with a simple on and off switch and takes less time to re-sharpen

10. Master Grade Kitchen Electric Chef Knife Sharpener

Master Grade Kitchen Electric Chef Knife SharpenerLast, but not the least, and the most powerful and expensive option in terms of knife sharpeners. This one can impress you with its stellar performance and robust technology. It comes with a solid design and high quality parts. It can last you a long time and can work well with all kinds of knives including boning knife, pocket knife, hunting knife and many others.

Key features:

  • Professional and an exquisite design with premium quality and excellent sharpening ability
  • Tried and tested by many professionals and is deemed as a reliable brand
  • Can sharpen all kinds of knives including hunting, pocket, boning knife and many others

Final Advice

In conclusion, it can be said that a knife sharpener is a must have tool in your kitchen. Over time, no matter how professional your knives are, they can lose their ability to cut efficiently which can make you get injuries. So, it is important to invest in a good sharpener to do that task at the comfort of your own home.

Do consider your budget and the space available for a sharpener. Besides that, you may want to see which one works for you best since there are many available out there ranging from stones to honing tools, electric and manual ones, etc. Good luck browsing for the best one and we hope we made this task easier for you!

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