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Best Spice Jars

It can be frustrating when you are looking for some spices to add in your meals and you just cannot find them at the right time or place. This is what happens when you do not organize all your spices in specific jars. Most of the people consider this element as highly essential, and because of that, they label the jars as well.

This is the same reason why such people never encounter problems. Nonetheless, it can be a great idea to revamp your messy kitchen cabinets by organizing and tidying up the spices in specific jars.

Should Spice Jars Be Airtight?

The answer to that question would be straight away, a yes. Airtight jars can keep your spices fresh for a longer period of time and they do not let moisture get into them. This is how the flavor stayed retained for a long time. It limits the production of bacteria and also prevents insects from entering the jar.

What’s The Ideal Jar Size For Spices?

This may be variable and may depend upon personal preferences and the amount of spices that you want to store. The standard size is believed to be 2” in diameter and 5” tall. Notably, premium brands use the larger size, however they can go with smaller sizes too like 1.8” diameter and 4.5” tall.

How Long Do Spices Last In A Jar?

It depends on the type of spices. For example, ground spices like cinnamon or ground pepper can stay flavorsome and fresh for about one to two years at max. On the other hand, dried green herbs like oregano may last for up to six months and even three years, but you may need to take a look at the fading color to keep a track of the freshness.

Is It Better To Store Spices In Glass or Stainless Steel?

Since glass creates a better seal, it is recommended to store your spices in a glass jar, than in a stainless steel jar for longevity. Besides that, glass will also retain the optimum flavor for years in those spices which will make them ideal for cooking. Glass is the healthiest and safest option to store spices.

Important Aspects To Consider Before Buying Spice Jars

Before you jump onto the decision of buying spice jars, carefully think about the factors mentioned below.

  • Space Available
    Before thinking of buying some spice jars, be sure to check the space available in your kitchen to place the spice jars. If you want to keep them on the countertop, then you can buy some metal or glass ones. However, if they are to be kept somewhere else, then they can be stored in a cabinet, hence the jars should be selected accordingly.
  • Material
    The best type of material that you can invest in , especially when it comes to spice jars, would be glass ones. They ensure that no air moisture enters the spices which can make them last longer. Plus, if they’re transparent, you can easily see what’s inside. You can opt for plastic or metal jars too.
  • Types of Spices
    If you like to have whole spices, then a different container would be needed to store them. On the other hand, if you have ground spices, then storing them in a paper bag is also an alternative option that you should consider
  • Label Friendly
    You should be investing in a set of jars which either come with labels or can have some. This is because even if the jars are transparent, some spices may look similar and can be confused. For example, garlic powder and salt. Even baking soda can be confused with rice flour. Hence labels are important.

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Without further ado, let’s head onto the list.

Our Recommended Compact Spice Jars

1. CUCUMI Glass Spice Jars

CUCUMI Glass Spice JarsRanking at the very top, these cool spice jars are a keeper. They come with black lids and two kinds of waterproof labels and an erasable marker along with a silicone collapsible funnel to transfer the spices easily. Besides that, the quality is amazing and the jars are dishwasher safe. Moreover, it serves as a multipurpose solution for all your storage needs, especially in terms of spice jars.

Key features:

  • Convenient and interesting range of complementary items like black lidsz waterproof labels and an erasable marker
  • Made up of high quality lead free glass which is dishwasher safe
  • It can be used for organizing drawers, storing spices, DIY projects and a lot more
  • Convenient and lightweight

2. CycleMore Glass Mason Spice Jars

CycleMore Glass Mason Spice JarsFeaturing the go-to spice jar brand for many, these spice jars are made with utmost precision and excellent quality. They come with exclusive sift and pour shaker kids which match the metal airtight caps to make your herbs stay fresh for a longer period of time. Besides that, they can be used for an array of purposes too.

Key features:

  • Multipurpose and convenient
  • Made up of high quality and durable glass
  • Metal lids ensure a great seal which makes your spices stay fresh longer
  • Comes with a safe packaging and includes many complementary items like useful labels, pour shaker caps and a pen too


GM GMISUN JDGM_SLHGFXXLP_24PACKPresenting you another great option in terms of spice jars – this one is a keeper. These jars feature a minimalistic design and labels, along with a checklist too. Besides that, the shape is quite practical. They come in a nice package in which many complimentary items are included too. You can not miss out on this one!

Key features

  • A minimalistic and a contemporary design with black lids
  • Comes with labels and preprinted ones too
  • Multipurpose jars which can keep your spices fresh for a long period of time
  • It has a soft layer on the top and bottom of the box to protect the containers and prevent them from breaking – excellent packaging

4. AOZITA ‎AO-36

AOZITA ‎AO-36Featuring the all time classic and stylish spice jars with convenient labels and preprinted labels as well, this jar set is surely a keeper. These jars are made up of high quality material and let you have a clear look of the spices. Besides that, you can use them for crafts or for storing any kind of spices. Also, they are made up of lead-free durable glass which is likely going to last you a long time. A great thing about these is that they come with a silicone funnel to transfer the spices seamlessly!

​Key features:

  • Comes with waterproof printed labels
  • Comes with great range of accessories including a silicone funnel to transfer the spices easily
  • They are made up of high quality material that is lead- free
  • Can serve as a multipurpose solution for all your kitchen needs – from crafts to storing spices and much more – you can do it all
  • Comes in excellent and sturdy packaging too

5. DIMBRAH ‎S4-24XLG-001

DIMBRAH ‎S4-24XLG-001Presenting you yet another classy set of spice jars that can uplift the look of your kitchen if you plan on keeping them on the countertop. These jars consist of bamboo lids for added aesthetic appeal. Not just that, but they come with a plethora of accessories like labels, pen and a funnel for refilling too. Other than that, it consists of high quality glass which can keep your spices fresh for a long period of time.

Key features:

  • Unique looks with bamboo lids which makes them airtight to keep your spices fresh and durable
  • Made up of high quality glass and natural bamboo
  • Comes with excellent set of accessories to go with the jars like labels and a funnel for spice transfer
  • They are neat and can help you organize your kitchen in a great way

6. Aliggbent 36PCS/4OZ

Aliggbent 36PCS/4OZIf you’re a fan of bamboo lids, then these spice jars are for you! Featuring the ultra modern and super convenient spice jars consisting of bamboo lids and lots of other accessories, these jars are a keeper. They can not only make your kitchen beautiful, but they can help you organize your spices in a better way. These jars comprise of airtight functionality and can help in keeping your spices fresh. These jars would be great as a gift too.

Key features:

  • Ultra modern glass jars with natural bamboo lids and shaker lids too
  • A lucrative package with a wooden spoon, silicone funnel as well as chalk pens and a lot more
  • Consists of waterproof spice labels and made up of food grade glass material which makes them healthy and hygienic
  • Comes with airtight and leak proof lids which keep your spices fresh for a long period of time

7. SpaceAid Spice Drawer Organizer with 38 Spice Jars

SpaceAid Spice Drawer Organizer with 38 Spice JarsIf you’re a neat freak or are obsessed with organizing things, then these set of jars would be ideal for you. This set comes with a lucrative package that consists of a drawer spice rack, chalk marker, large capacity tray and a lot more. Not just that, but it also consists of high quality material with stainless steel airtight lids.

Key features:

  • Comes in a lucrative package consisting of labels, marker, tray as well as a drawer spice rack
  • Comes with a four tier spice rack that makes it easy to locate the spices
  • Features stainless steel lids that are airtight and keeps spices fresh for a long time
  • Seamlessly label the jars and locate them on the tray easily

8. Bloomondo BL12B

Bloomondo BL12BPresenting another cool pack of spice jars that is sure to blow you away – these spice jars exhibit utmost finesse and aesthetically pleasing looks. They not only consist of clean labels but also offer you exquisite quality. These are surely going to last you a long time. They can be easily washed with hands and consist of airtight functionality that can keep your spices fresh too.

Key features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing looks with bamboo lids to make them airtight
  • Comes with neat and clean labels for you to easily see the name of the spice
  • Comes in a lucrative package
  • Comes with a one year warranty which means that you can easily test it for durability as well as reliability

9. Nevlers MK24-SPIC60Z-56

Nevlers MK24-SPIC60Z-56Featuring great range of spice jars that can help you organize your kitchen and keep your spices fresh as ever, these jars are long lasting and have metal covers. They comprise of funnel, preprinted labels, along with chalk marker and a lot more. Also, the jars come with a one year warranty as well. They are made up of food grade material that is safe and healthy to use.

Key features:

  • Comes with metal covers for added airtightness and the perfect seal
  • Consist of a lucrative package which includes labels, funnel and a lot more
  • Has large capacity to store a lot of spices at once because of the dimensions
  • Made up of high quality, premium material that is surely going to last a long time


NETANY SO2-ZSJ-24Last, but not the least, these spice jars come with wooden caps and premium thick glass, ensuring food grade material. These jars are safe to use and are durable as well. Apart from that, they come as a lucrative package that includes shaker lids, labels, marker as well as silicone funnel for refilling. Besides that, they make a convenient kitchen organizing tool which can be used for DIY crafts as well.

Key features:

  • Comes as a lucrative package that includes shaker lids, labels as well as silicone funnel for transferring spices easily
  • They’re made up of premium quality thick glass with high transparency visibility and food grade material which makes them safe to use
  • Aesthetically appealing looks

Final Advice

All in all, it can be said that spice jars are a must have kitchen equipment to organize your herbs and spices in an efficient way. This not only saves your time, but also your efforts and money. This is because if you’re not able to find the right spices at the right time, then they may get expired overtime without ever being used. Hence to combat the issue, get you’re A-Game on by investing in a lucrative package relating to spice jars and create more ease for yourself in the kitchen too!

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