Best Undermount Kitchen Sink – Stainless Steel

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink

It can create a mess, or it can be the stunning piece of hardware in your kitchen – an undermount kitchen sink is a must have if you are seeking a neat, sleek and a useful cooking space. Many people opt for an inappropriate size which oftentimes results in kitchen being a mess, hence to avoid that, you should pay a lot of attention to the specifics of an undermount sink.

An undermount kitchen sink can also uplift and modify the look of your kitchen. From easy going ones to the ones that have the most stylish appearances, you can find them all on various online platforms.

Undermount Sink Vs Drop In Sink

From ease of cleaning, stylish appearance and a lot more – undermount sink wins the bet, over drop in sinks any day. Since there’s no lip to form an obstruction around the sink, you can swipe the food particles directly off the counter an into the sink which is much more convenient and a hassle free way to go about kitchen cleaning. On the other hand, drop in sinks are relatively easier to install, as compared to undermount sinks.

Why Do People Like Undermount Kitchen Sinks?

People love to have undermount kitchen sinks because of the following reasons:

  • Since they sit below the countertop, the edge of the sink is hidden – this enables a sleek and seamless look in your kitchen
  • Undermount Kitchen Sinks prevent crumbs, moisture and other things from getting caught as you are cleaning – this is because they sit below the countertop
  • Since they are super easy to maintain and clean, it creates a more hygienic look of your kitchen as well

How Expensive Are Undermount Kitchen Sinks?

Undermount Kitchen Sinks are very expensive as compared to drop in sinks. Undermount Kitchen Sinks can cost anywhere around $75 or $500. Interestingly, undermount kitchen sinks are sometimes used in bathrooms as well. They can cost you a price as high as $700 too, depending upon the brand and quality.

Important Features To Consider Before Buying Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Some of the factors to keep in mind before buying a great undermount kitchen sink would be the following:

  • Weight
    You need to choose the material that has the appropriate weight that your countertop can support. For example, stainless steel tends to be the lightest, while porcelain and ceramic can be heavy.
  • Material
    Do you prefer a shiny and glossy look or a matte and luxurious one? Match the ideal material with your kitchen appeal by browsing through the popular undermount kitchen sink materials including porcelain, metal, stone, steel, etc.
  • Color
    Whether you want to keep a classical look of the kitchen or mix things up a bit by adding some drama, you can carefully choose the colors which can range from burnished brown tones of copper to clean silvery hours of stainless steel. They may complement the look of your kitchen too.
  • Shape
    Undermount kitchen sink can come in a variety of shapes and designs. You can pick from a square shape to a round or oval one. The depth may too, vary from five to nine inches. You may want to pick the depth according to the faucet or vice versa.

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Without further ado, let’s head onto the list.

Our Recommended Compact Undermount Kitchen Sink

1. HOUZER STS-1300-1

HOUZER STS-1300-1Ranking at the very top, this stunning undermount kitchen sink is sure to catch your attention. It comes with a lustrous satin finish that will not fade overtime and is extremely durable. It is made up of premium grade stainless steel material and has an advanced soundproofing feature too. You can not go wrong with this amazing option!

Key features:

  • Pristine and sleek design that lasts a long time
  • Made up of premium and high grade stainless steel material
  • Comes with advanced soundproofing feature called Stone Guard protection
  • The dimensions are appropriate for most of the kitchens and can complement most of them too

2. Oxwiser 3218

Oxwiser 3218Another great option for an undermount kitchen sink would be this one. It comes with suitable dimensions and excellent drainage system. It comes with X grooves design for seamless drain. The installation process is quite smooth as well and it has extra tough construction comprising of premium grade stainless steel which makes it scratch resistant and long lasting too.

Key features:

  • Classic dimensions which are suitable for most kitchens
  • Excellent drainage with x grooves
  • Seamless installation process with multi functional stainless steel dish grid
  • Made up of premium grade stainless steel material which is scratch resistant, easy to maintain and can offset drainage issues to offer uninterrupted cleaning space
  • Comes with soundproofing pads to reduce the sound of running water

3. OUGOO Kitchen Sink Drop-in

OUGOO Kitchen Sink Drop-inUndermount Kitchen Sinks can be compact and durable too. Take an example of this one. It comes with premium quality stainless steel with sound proof sink that will reduce the washing noises. It comes with a brushed finish to create a modern look in your kitchen. It is super easy to maintain and keep.

Key features

  • Made up of excellent quality stainless steel material
  • It is thicker than most of the standard kitchen sinks
  • Comes with soundproof technology and undercoating that reduce vibration and keep cabinets clean
  • Comes with a stunning brushed finish look that is long lasting and easy to maintain.

4. Sinber ‎HU3219D-S-16G

Sinber ‎HU3219D-S-16GLooking for diversity in terms of undermount kitchen sinks? Then look no further as this one will offer you just that. Coming in a unique and convenient design, this one comes with premium materials and noise reduction technology. It also comes with commercial grade satin finish and gives you lifetime limited warranty too!

​Key features:

  • Unique and professional look
  • Made up of high quality stainless steel and more thickness
  • Comes with noise reduction with rubber pads and stone guard undercoating
  • Comes with satin finish to make it durable and good as new even after years

5. TORVA ‎US 30 x 18 x 10

TORVA ‎US 30 x 18 x 10Yet another convenient undermount kitchen sink that you should not miss out on. This one comes with ultra durable design with premium materials and it has a larger and deeper sink to accommodate cleaning big utensils or big chunks of vegetables and ingredients. It comes with a practical design that is suitable for a variety of purposes.

Key features:

  • Scratch and dent free – durable and premium quality
  • Larger and deeper sink which can fit in more utensils
  • A convenient and a practical design that is appropriate for drying your dishes too.
  • Seamlessly drains water to avoid the stains
  • Comes with multiple soundproofing panels and paint to absorb the noise of running water that can make your cleaning rituals easier

6. Ruvati RVH7126

Ruvati RVH7126If you’re looking for something classic and contemporary, then this is the undermount kitchen sink that you should be getting. It comes with thick and premium stainless steel material with cutout template and mounting chips included. The brushed finish and heavy duty sound proof undercoating will also make your life hassle free!

Key features:

  • Thick and premium stainless steel material with cutout template and mounting chips included
  • Brushed finish to create a sleek look that is easy to wipe off and can hide scratches very well
  • Heavy duty soundproofing undercoating that can give you peace of mind

7. Hausinluck Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink

Hausinluck Workstation Undermount Kitchen SinkAnother great option that you should consider in terms of undermount kitchen sink would be this one. Just like others, it comes with premium materials, but with a unique and ultra modern look. It comes as the ultimate workstation for your kitchen as it comprises of cutting boards and other accessories too. Besides that, it has excellent drainage system too.

Key features:

  • Brilliant quality and brushed finish which makes it rust proof and scratch resistant
  • Comes with sound dampening and drainage with thick rubber padding and x drain grooves to enable quick water drainage
  • All in one workstation that comes with a stainless steel sink, cutting boards and other accessories too
  • Comes with an array of other accessories too

8. Lordear Undermount Kitchen Sink

Lordear Undermount Kitchen SinkSimilar to the one above, this one too, comes with as a multipurpose solution for your workspace needs in the kitchen. It is not only long lasting, owing to the excellent quality, but it is also an all in one, go-to equipment for drying the dishes, draining water easily and cutting things too. It comes with a smart design and a drain fast functionality with soundproofing aspects too.

Key features:

  • Excellent quality stainless steel that is brushed, giving you the most beautiful looks of the sink
  • All in one, multipurpose solution – comes with cutting board, drying rack, colander, mounting brackets and a lot more
  • Comes with a smart design and fast drainage system allowing for seamless work experience
  • Spacious with sound proof undercoating and heavy duty pads to reduce the noises

9. Kraus KHU100-30

Kraus KHU100-30Featuring a classic, yet a spacious undermount kitchen sink that comes with an array of interesting specifications. This one is a keeper. It comes with indestructible construction with dent resistant stainless steel and satin finish that makes it rust resistant and easy to clean. It comes with extra thick pads to minimize the extra sounds, so that you can work peacefully.

Key features:

  • Excellent construction and offers unparalleled quality of stainless steel material that allows for superior strength and durability
  • Comes with a satin finish to cover the scratches and makes it rust resistant and easy to clean
  • Comes with robust Noise Defend soundproofing technology with non toxic sound guard undercoating
  • Since it is spacious, it can accommodate large panda and skillets too!

10. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322WH0

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322WH0Presenting you the last one, but surely the best one out of the lot – this undermount kitchen sink comes in an array of interesting colors ranging from black, greystone to mocha and many others. This undermount kitchen sink comes with easy installation process and comprises of a single bowl for uninterrupted cleaning. It can drain quickly and is surely going to suit the look of your kitchen.

Key features:

  • Comes in a range of colours that can complement the look of your kitchen
  • The single bowl design makes it easy to maintain and clean
  • Seamless installation process
  • Comes with sound proofing technology for a peaceful time at the sink
  • Since the material is ultra fine, the nonporous structure will not let food get stuck on the surface, making it easier to clean

Final Advice

Having said that, it can be concluded that undermount kitchen sinks are growing popular in demand, even though they can be a bit pricier than the other options. They are definitely a better option in the long run, as they facilitate a modern look of your kitchen and they can be personalized too! You can pick any color that you like, besides just the boring colors like silver or white. Undermount Kitchen Sinks can make life easier for you and most of them comprise of a simple installation process which will not cost you a lot either.

It would be suggested that you should be getting one too, to create long term ease, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time doing the chores. A good kitchen environment can be a great motivator to cook amazing meals and keep it hygienic too! Not only that, but it can have a significantly positive impact on your overall mood too – who doesn’t like sleek and modern kitchen? We all do! So, hurry up and get your stunning undermount kitchen sink now.

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