Best Wall Ovens – Electric & Gas Options

Best Wall Ovens

Is there a new recipe of cookies that you’re planning to cake or a fondant cake for a loved one? Whatever the case may be and whether you are a baking enthusiast or a cooking enthusiast, an oven is your go-to appliance for the preparation of most of the meals.

Cooking turkey on Thanksgiving? Not a problem at all! With a robust wall oven in your kitchen, you can make mouths water with the delicious aroma of food. Not just that, but with excellent functionality that puts you at ease, while the oven does all the hard work for you, you’re all set to work on the presentation of the food and other tasks while your scrumptious meals are prepping up themselves in the oven.

Why Should You Have A Wall Oven?

  • They have an excellent reputation in the market as compared to standard ovens
  • They have more capacity than a standard oven as they can come in a double size too
  • There are a lot of customization options and additional features in wall ovens ranging from self cleaning option to insulation, timers and a lot more
  • They look aesthetic and can complement the look of your kitchen making it seem modern and sleek
  • It comes with iconic controls and electric displays, allowing the temperature and settings to be monitored easily

How Long Do Wall Oven Last?

A wall oven can last anywhere between 15 to 20 years. They are the longest lasting appliance and this is because they don’t have to be moved around a lot. They sit well at one place and will complement the look of your kitchen as well. Keeping in consideration your attention to its maintenance, you can be sure to experience durability with a good wall oven.

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Some Important Features To Look Out For:

Some of the features that you should keep an eye out for would be the following:

  • Preheating Time
    This one is by far, the most important factor. It can be irritating to wait for half hour for the oven to preheat when everyone is starving at home. Thanks to the modern technology, manufacturers have now shortened the preheating time and before you decide to buy a wall oven, be sure to check out the preheating time and temperature probes
  • Size
    Since wall oven do not have many size options available, many people tend to adhere to the standard size guidelines. You have to measure the oven yourself to see if it meets your specifications in the kitchen. Simply check the size of the oven you want in your kitchen by measuring the area first and then keeping in consideration that area’s dimensions, get the ideal oven that fits and complements your kitchen well.
  • Reliability
    Keep an eye out for the brand when buying a wall oven. Since a good brand can let you have the best products, you should ideally get one from a well reputed brand. A good brand’s wall oven will likely last you as long as 15 years. Though a good brand’s wall oven may cost you a lot, but rest assured, it can last you a long time, so it will be worth the investment too.
  • Self Cleaning Properties
    It can be a hassle to clean up oven after it has become messy and greasy. A wall oven can get dirty especially on the inside and self cleaning feature can be a savior. It can be hard to clean it by one hand so with self cleaning and a wipe away of left over ash, you’ll have a shiny oven again.

Without further Ado, let’s get into it.

Our List Of Recommended Wall Ovens


COSTWAY ‎10040US-SL-CYFPRanking at the top, this oven by Costway is surely a keeper. Packed with powerful features and exquisite looks, this durable and customizable wall oven can be great for your kitchen. It is safe and is designed with 5 positions. It comes with a detailed user manual and a timer too.

Key features:

  • Long lasting and safe – made up of three layer tempered glass through which you can easily see the content inside
  • The oven body is made up of rustproof stainless steel guaranteeing you excellent quality
  • Comes with five cooking modes and with robust air circulation that can quickly heat up the oven
  • Comes with built-in and easy to operate mechanical knob control panel with adjustable temperature and timer control

2. Thermomate ‎ESMW605-TM1

Thermomate ‎ESMW605-TM1Featuring another great option in terms of wall oven, this one is similar to the first one but with advanced range of features. It comes with a three layer tempered glass door along with precise temperature control. It is easy to clean and comes with a stylish design.

Key features:

  • Three layer tempered glass door which makes the interior bright and clear for you to see the status of your food
  • It comprises of a detachable oven door for easy cleaning
  • It comes with precise temperature control with five different working modes ranging from roasting, baking and grilling
  • Comes with an anti mistouch knob with a light ring that makes it easy to operate at night as well

3. Empava WOA01

Empava WOA01Featuring a super exquisite and high end wall oven that is designed and engineered in the USA with exceptional quality. This wall oven can blow your mind. It comes with multifunctional features which makes it suitable for everyday use and for small families.

Key features

  • Exceptional quality
  • Multifunctional oven
  • Five rack positions and greater capacity
  • Heats up your oven faster and does not take up a lot of energy
  • Heat discoloration resistant surface with easy to clean interior


GASLAND ES609MBN1Presenting you yet another classic, yet a high end option in terms of wall ovens. This one is surely a savior for all the cooking enthusiasts out there. It not only comes with a tempered glass door but has nine cooking modes with mechanical control. It has larger capacity and has the standard size which is ideal for your kitchen.

​Key features:

  • Tempered glass door to see the food and control the heat accurately
  • The handle is made up of alloy material and is removable for easy cleaning
  • Comes with nine cooking modes and mechanical control
  • Comes with five layer shelf and a larger capacity to cook a lot of things at the same time – save energy and cost


LEGEND CHEF LC-GS606MBLPThis wall oven comes with state of the art technology and has six multifunctional modes. You can bake, defrost, broil and do a lot more with this powerful piece of machinery. The five layer tempered glass door can ensure safety and allows you to view the food easily.

Key features:

  • Comes with six functional cooking modes for ease of cooking
  • Comprises of five layer tempered glass door and with a alloy handle along with a removable door
  • Comes with a large capacity and is easy to clean
  • Comes with customizable features that let’s you cook at your own pace and with ease


COSMO C51EIXStill haven’t found the wall oven of your dreams? Then look no further as this one can cater to your needs well. This oven comes with turbo European convection that is designed to cook food with evenly distributed heat and it has superior specifications. It is safe and easy to operate, which makes it a must-have.

Key features:

  • Comes with turbo European convection that has evenly distributed heat and takes less time to cook
  • Has auto safety shut off and cavity cooling system
  • It has a sleek and a modern design that is easy to clean with a stainless steel finish that can complement your kitchen well
  • It comes with a one year warranty

7. Frigidaire FFEW3026TS

Frigidaire FFEW3026TSThis is another great option in terms of wall oven and it features a unique and a professional design. It comes with touch sensitive controls with an intuitive digital control panel. It can eliminate the need for scrubbing as it will do all the cleaning for you owing to the self cleaning option. This wall oven is surely a keeper.

Key features:

  • Intuitively designed digital control panel with touch sensitive controls and digital display for ease of operating
  • Self cleaning option to automatically do the cleaning for you
  • Large coaacity and can accommodate large meals too
  • Comes with even baking technology

8. LG LWS3063ST

LG LWS3063STA high-end, professional and an exquisite design, this wall oven can give you stellar performance and an array of functionalities that can leave you amazed. It comes with a unique design with digital control panel and easily adjustable temperature and other controls. It comes with clean technology with automatic shut off and other exciting range of features including safety options too.

Key features:

  • Can perform a plethora of functionality ranging from roasting, broiling, baking and a lot more
  • Comes with clean technology with an intuitively designed digital control panel and touch sensitive controls and digital display
  • It consists of safety features like automatic shut off


GE APPLIANCES JKS3000DNWWA feature packed, robust and a stellar wall oven that is guaranteed to give you the performance that you’d like to experience – this wall oven comes with smart features and the single oven can easily accommodate to a small sized family. It comes in a standard size with a modern look and a digital control panel and LED display for you to see the temperature accurately. It is all electric so you won’t have to worry about staying in the heat for too long.

Key features:

  • Smart controls with a digital panel and intuitive display that is easy to see
  • Sleek and a professional design
  • Comes with electric operation
  • Can complement the look of your best kitchen

10. ZLINE ‎AWS-30

ZLINE ‎AWS-30Last, but not the least, this powerful and robust piece of machinery is sure to leave you awestruck. This stellar wall oven comes with amazing looks and professional election convection cooking along with multiple modes of cooking including roast, bake and broil too. It can facilitate daily cooking and can heat up quickly too. Besides that, it comes with temperature probe to get the desired results for every dish.

Key features:

  • High end and professional design
  • All electric and comes with many different cooking modes
  • Comes with temperature probe to get your preferred results in every dish
  • Comes with Sabbath mode allowing for convenient and quick cooking
  • It has an excellent brand reputation so it is reliable and can last you a long time too

Final Advice

All in all, it can be said that wall oven are highly in demand and you should be having one as well. As compared to the standard oven, wall ovens are much more convenient and powerful, meeting all your cooking needs. It can heat up much more faster and look great in your kitchen as well. Besides that, they can last you longer than a standard oven, especially if you’re buying it from a well reputed brand that promises you quality and reliability at its best.

Look for the oven that offers you lifetime warranty as well. You may be incurring lots of errors or problems, so it is better to get them fixed and maintained from time to time by availing the warranty period. Therefore, keeping in mind those factors, you should be getting your hands on wall ovens too. Though they may be extremely pricey, they can offer you great value for money and can be a long-term investment too. We hope this article helped you sort out your preferences and enabled you to make your picks easily.

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