Impeller vs Agitator Washer: Which One Should You Buy?

Impeller vs Agitator Washer

Since the top loader washer with a 2-in-1 removable agitator is heavily expensive for a lot of people, they are still struggling to choose between – Impeller vs Agitator washer!

Well, the two appliances don’t greatly differ when it comes to the difference between agitator and impeller, yet we have managed to gather the best features of both that set each of them apart.

So, no more running away from the daunting chore of washing clothes because thanks to technology, various types of washing machines like; agitator washer or impeller top load washer has made our lives a lot easier!

We’ve got impeller washer which is delicate but effective or agitator ones that get rid of stubborn dirt – you choose what works for you! Keep reading as we dive into each type of washer so you know exactly what they bring to the table when choosing one.

Get ready to make your life easier with a few clicks on those buttons!

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How Does an Agitator Washer Works?

An agitator washer is a type of washing machine that produces rotational movement within the wash drum using a central agitator that resembles a spindle. This agitator consists of paddles or fins that actively move the clothing, creating friction and agitation that aids in removing stains and dirt.

The way it moves also helps spread the soap and water all over everything equally so they can remove even tough stains. Agitator washers are reliable at cleaning stuff really well, especially if it’s super dirty or has some serious stains on it.Agitator

How Does an Impeller Washer Works?

A washing machine with an impeller is a type of appliance that contains a flat or cone-shaped part at the bottom of the drum to create water movement. This rotation prompts turbulence in the wash, providing much-needed agitation for removing stains from garments while remaining gentle on fabrics.

Impeller top load washer is ideal for handling delicate items and avoiding damage as they clean effectively and efficiently without causing harm to clothes. With this unique design aspect, users can enjoy thorough cleaning paired with minimal worry about damaging their clothing during the process.Impeller

The Difference between Agitator and Impeller Washer

  • Cleaning Performance
    Impeller washers are renowned for their effective yet gentle cleaning abilities. The impeller’s swirling motion causes turbulence in the water, which effectively agitates the clothing and removes dirt and stains.
    On the other hand, agitator washers employ a more forceful back-and-forth motion. The agitator’s fins or paddles cause friction and stirring, which helps remove tough stains or heavily soiled fabrics.
    The efficiency of the cleaning procedure ultimately depends on several variables, including the model specifications, load capacity, the kind of fabric, and the correct usage of detergent.
  • Fabric Type
    An impeller washer is usually good for washing a variety of fabrics, like basic ones such as cotton or polyester. They perform well with clothes that aren’t too dirty or have small stains. Even delicate fabrics like silk, lace, or detailed clothing can work in an impeller top load washer since they use soft agitation.
    If you’ve got some really stubborn stains or heavy fabrics to wash, agitator washers might be your best bet. These machines give a thorough scrubbing that works great on tough fabrics like denim and towels as well as cleaning pesky stains like grease and dirt.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Impeller washing machines use less energy than agitator models even though they have more load capacity than agitators. And more capacity means less cycles to run which is actually good to minimize power consumption!
    Plus, the impellers are gentle but effective at cleaning clothes so they require less electricity during operation. Impeller washer also tends to incorporate high-tech features that help save even more energy while using different types of wash settings.
    Meanwhile, agitator washer use up more energy compared to those that have impellers. To make the clothes move around better, the agitator moves back and forth a lot which takes more energy.
    What’s more, is that these types of washers are prone to washing smaller loads at a time which causes you to run them several times before they can handle larger batches – this uses up even more energy than usual!
  • Noise and Vibration
    Impeller washing machines are popular for being less noisy and causing minimal vibrations as opposed to agitator types.
    As impeller washers do not have a central agitator, the chances of hearing loud noises or rattling sounds during the wash cycle diminish altogether. Nonetheless, it should be noted that some models might still generate sound depending on their build type and the number of clothes loaded in them.
    Agitator washers are more likely to produce noise and vibration while in use. Particularly when working with heavier loads, the agitator’s vigorous motion can produce more audible vibrations and possibly louder operation.
  • Capacity and Load Flexibility
    Impeller washing machines have a large capacity of 4.6 to 6.0 cubic feet. They can handle larger quantities of laundry, making them perfect for households with many members or who do a lot of laundry frequently. Since there is no central agitator present in it, the impeller washer is great at cleaning heavyweight items like sheets and comforters without any hassle.
    Meanwhile, in the agitator washer, the agitator in the middle takes up a lot of space, so you can’t fit as much laundry in there as you could with other machines. It will work perfect for short families.
  • Maintenance
    You don’t have to do much upkeep for the impeller washer since you won’t need to clean a separate agitator in the middle.
    To keep it working smoothly, just remember to tidy up the impeller and check if there are any clogs or harm in the washing barrel, plumbing, hoses, and links.
    On the flip side, top-loading washers with agitators might need more attention as the central agitator can gather bits and bobs from your laundry. It’s important to regularly clear out any lint or debris stuck in the fins or paddles to keep things running smoothly.
  • Cost Considerations
    Impeller washer has a high cost usually $800 to $2000 due to their high specifications and extra tech features. However, it is a wise investment in the long-term as it consumes less power, hence minimizing your utility bills.
    The agitator washer is cheaper than the impeller washer, as it costs around $700 or less. But it requires more maintenance with time.

Benefits of Impeller Washing MachineBenefits of Impeller Washing Machine

  • Impeller top load washer utilizes a gentle washing technique and is perfect for cotton, polyester, and delicate materials.
  • Due to the high spin speed, it results in a short drying time.
  • The prime difference between agitator and impeller is that impeller frequently have greater load capacities, enabling fewer cycles and possibly saving on detergent and water.
  • Impeller washers use less energy, which results in long-term cost savings.

Benefits of Agitator Washing MachineBenefits of Agitator Washing Machine

  • The agitator washer is ideal for tough stains and denim material.
  • The shorter wash times of agitator washers enable faster laundry cycles.
  • It is cheaper initially.


Why Should You Buy Energy Star Certification Agitator or Impeller Top Loader Washer?

If you’re planning to buy a washing machine, try buying one that has the Energy Star logo on it. This goes for both types of washers – either those with an agitator or impeller top load washer. If it’s got Energy Star on it, then EPA approved its energy efficiency standards as top notched!

These kinds of machines promise less power consumption than non-certified ones no matter which type you choose. Not only will choosing an Energy-Star washer keep your bills down by using less electricity but also help out in preserving our planet too!

Wrap Up

Now, that you have gone through the difference between agitator and impeller washing machines along with other major features that make them stand out, the choice among the two ultimately depends on you! We hope that our ultimate comparison between the agitator washer and impeller top load washer has helped you gain insight into both appliances.

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