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The moment you are unable to find the right kitchen tools or appliances at the time of need, it certainly is an indication that your kitchen counters need decluttering!

It can be difficult to locate the proper cooking utensils when your kitchen is disorganized. Cooking becomes tedious, and cleaning dirty kitchen becomes difficult. Things like used bowls, half-eaten snacks, and mails frequently accumulate on counters, causing havoc.

Having to declutter your kitchen counters is the key to a well-organized home. Whether in the laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom, clean surfaces are the first step towards seamless household tasks.

Thus, here we are with the best ways to declutter your kitchen counters along with some amazing kitchen cleaning tips and tricks. Have a look!

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8 Easy Steps to Declutter your Kitchen Counters

Step 1: Make the Countertops Clear

The first step to declutter your kitchen counters is make countertop clear. Take everything off of your kitchen countertops first. Examine each item carefully and determine whether it belongs on the counter or if it can be stored somewhere else. You can also clean those difficult-to-reach corners with this. To make space, think about storing infrequently used appliances like toasters in cabinets.

Step 2: Assess and Get Rid of Rarely Used Items

Clear out your cabinets and pantry to create space for items that are typically on the counter but rarely used. Spend some time evaluating and getting rid of items you don’t need. Getting rid of countertop clutter permanently requires some time investment, but it is necessary. To help you efficiently organize each category, use a Kitchen Declutter Checklist.

Step 3: Find New Places for Daily Items

Declutter your kitchen counters by rearranging your kitchen by finding new places for food, appliances, and everyday items. For condiments and spices, think about utilizing turntables to free up countertop space. If you have appliances that you don’t use very often, such as a juicer, consider donating or moving them. For easy access, store frequently used kitchenware in a chic canister on the counter.

Step 4: Maximise Cabinet Space

Use dividers, pull-out drawers, and plate racks to make the most of the space inside kitchen cabinets. This makes it easier to declutter your kitchen counters by keeping cutting boards, utensils, and spices organized. Purchasing storage products makes sure that everything has a place, which clears up clutter and makes cleaning dirty kitchens easier.

Step 5: Keep Food Off Countertops

Although it can be difficult in tiny kitchens, try to keep items like bread and cereal in the pantry. This keeps surfaces free of crumbs and helps in declutter your kitchen counters, which discourages pests. Use a tray to hold your supplies and create a contained coffee station. To keep countertops tidy, place the dish drainer under the sink and wipe them down every night.

Step 6: Control Coffee Chaos

Establish a specific coffee station to help you control the mess on your kitchen counter. Arrange mugs, sugar, and K-Cups onto a sizable tray. This easy tip streamlines your morning routine by keeping all of your coffee necessities in one place and maintaining a neat appearance after you’re done cleaning dirty kitchen.

Step 7: Dish Drainer Dive

Slide the dish drainer within the sink to maximize dish drying. This keeps the kitchen from appearing cluttered while also saving counter space. Choose a technique that works for your dishwashing routine and keeps your space looking tidy and well-groomed.

Step 8: Quick Counter Wipe-down

As you wrap up your day, spend two minutes cleaning the counters in your kitchen. This quick action clears spills and crumbs from your area, refreshing it instantly. By making this a nightly routine, you can keep your kitchen clean and organized, ready for use the next day.

Storage Ideas to Keep Counter Clean

Hang a Pot Rack

Rather than piling pots and pans on your counters, think about hanging them from a rack which is an easy way out for declutter your kitchen counters. This easy fix keeps surfaces neat while facilitating easy access to your cookware. Pot racks are a useful way to make the most of available space and keep your kitchen neat.

Hang a Pot Rack

Utensil Rack Under Cabinets

Hang frequently used utensils right under your upper cabinets to free up counter space. Put in hooks or pegboards to keep utensils off the counter and within reach. This clever use of space keeps your kitchen organized and makes sure that all of your necessary tools are close at hand.

Utensil Rack Under Cabinets

Organize with Baskets

To keep small items organized when countertop space is at a premium, use canvas bins and baskets. Originally intended for a bathroom, this ingenious containment system is equally effective when used to arrange office supplies or kitchenware. To maintain a clean and functional kitchen, collect random items in fashionable baskets to free up surfaces.

Organize with Baskets

Set A side Kitchen Drawers

When counter space is limited, make the most of your kitchen drawers for effective storage. The key to cleaning dirty kitchen is organizing things like spice jars, cooking appliances, and chef’s knives, use drawer inserts. Base cabinet drawers with specialty holders keep seasonings out of the way, accessible, and visible. To create a clutter-free cooking area, add dividers and cutlery trays to your system.

Set A side Kitchen Drawers

Freestanding Organizer Bin

Arrange similar items in containers, baskets, trays, or jars to simplify countertops. Select holders that are easy to move beneath upper cabinets when necessary and don’t take up much room. By keeping necessary items neatly stored, this freestanding bin solution frees up valuable countertop space and leads you to a successful mission of “declutter your kitchen counters”.

Freestanding Organizer Bin

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  • Create Consistent Habits

Make daily decluttering a part of your routine to keep your kitchen clutter-free. It is advised to incorporate this into a nightly routine, perhaps while doing the dishes. To avoid a disorganized kitchen and save time on thorough cleaning, consistency is essential.

  • Move Less-Used Appliances

Put appliances in the pantry if they are merely sporadic helpers, such as your KitchenAid stand mixer or blender. Do not overstock countertops with things you seldom use.

  • Optimize with Space-Saving Products

Use sliding storage organizer racks or other space-saving items to fill in awkward spaces in your kitchen. Make use of hooks, pull-out shelves, and under-cabinet organizers to provide appliances, cookware, and utensils in specific locations. These creative storage options keep countertops free, improving the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.

  • Establish a Junk Drawer

Instead of piling items on countertops, set aside a drawer for random clutter. This is indeed one of the best kitchen cleaning tips and tricks as it will create a covert place to conceal items.

Even though it might seem counterintuitive, keeping random objects out of sight in your kitchen helps to keep it looking cleaner.

3 Best Kitchen Counter Cleaners You Must Buy

Clorox Scentiva Multi Surface Spray
Clorox Scentiva Multi Surface Spray

The multipurpose spray from Clorox, Scentiva, is a powerful kitchen counter cleaner with a nice jasmine and lavender aroma. It removes grease, grime, and soap scum from a variety of countertops, including sealed wood and stainless steel.

Just spray, let it sit for a minute, and wipe. It is adaptable and works well with both kitchen and bathroom appliances. Give it ten minutes to disinfect before wiping. But before using, give food prep areas a quick rinse with water.


Pine-Sol All-Purpose Kitchen Counter Cleaner
Pine Sol All-Purpose Kitchen Counter Cleaner

Pine-Sol All-Purpose kitchen counter Cleaner (1/4 cup per gallon) can be combined with water to make an inexpensive countertop cleaner. It leaves surfaces clean and works well on stubborn messes like greasy ham drippings. If pine sol kitchen counter cleaner is left on for ten minutes, it also serves as a disinfectant. It is available in multiple fragrances for a fresh cleaning experience, such as lemon, lavender, and tropical.



Seventh Generation Free & Clear All Purpose Cleaner
Seventh Generation Free & Clear All Purpose Cleaner

For streak-free countertops, Seventh Generation Free & Clear All-Purpose Cleaner is an environmentally responsible option. It eliminates sticky messes without using animals and is safe for a variety of surfaces. This kitchen counter cleaner is scent-free, made in the US, and complies with bio-based standards, making it perfect for cleaning kitchens. Be aware that it isn’t a disinfectant and won’t eradicate bacteria or viruses.

How to Make a Kitchen Cleaning Schedule?

Now, for those who are super organized and avid followers of schedules yet struggle with cleaning a dirty kitchen; here is one more addition to your schedules the “kitchen cleaning schedule.”

And, don’t worry this kitchen cleaning schedule is not that hard! We have made it super easy for you to follow and stick to it until this becomes your habit. Check it out!

Clear the Dishes:

  • Place standard dishes, bowls, cups, and cutlery inside the dishwasher.
  • Hand wash bulky, or delicate objects.

Cleaning the sink and dishwasher:

  • After every use, use hot water and dish soap to clean and wipe down the sink.
  • Regularly empty the dishwasher. To steam clean and eliminate smells, use a cup of white vinegar in a hot cycle on the top rack.
  • For drying, keep the door open all night.

Maintenance of Countertops:

  • Use a multipurpose kitchen counter cleaner to clean and sanitize counters.

Attention to the hob:

  • Pay equal attention to burners and clean them often.

Sweeping the floor:

  • To collect loose crumbs, dust, and dirt, use a Swiffer.
  • After using the mop pad, dispose of it.

Cleaning Up:

  • Returning items to their proper locations will help declutter countertops.


In conclusion, we have provided you with the ultimate comprehensive guideline to streamline your kitchen cleaning regimen. You can easily handle the chores and cleaning havoc, if you assign daily, weekly, and quarterly tasks.

Also, don’t forget to follow that kitchen cleaning schedule because it is certainly going to help you in long-term! This article will definitely make sure that your next kitchen deep cleaning becomes a breeze!

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