Kitchen Hacks: Surprising Uses Of A Food Processor

Are you wishing for an appliance that could save your cooking and kitchen from havoc?  Well, then say hello to a food processor – a must-have kitchen appliance that simplifies cooking tasks!

This versatile tool effortlessly slices, grinds, and purees ingredients like a professional chef. From creating delicious pesto to quickly crushing nuts, the food processor is more than just an ordinary appliance – it’s a game-changer.

Join us as we explore what is a food processor, what does a food processor do, and some incredible benefits of food processor.

Let’s get started!

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What Is A Food Processor?

Food ProcessorNot everybody is a cooking expert and when we are in the kitchen we all are learning one way or another! Thus, being a newbie if you are wondering what is a food processor and what does a food processor do,  you’re just in the right place.

A food processor is one of the best kitchen appliances that effortlessly handle shredding, kneading, dicing, and grinding tasks. It is an amazing addition to the kitchen that does not just save some time on your hands but makes your cooking experience less chaotic.

But, that was just a brief answer of what is a food processor. The question still remains the same What exactly does a food processor do, right? Then, keep reading below.

What Does A Food Processor Do?

The food processor, a versatile kitchen appliance, goes beyond the basics by also functioning as a blender. By adding various ingredients, it swiftly blends them into smooth and consistent mixtures.

The metal cutting and shredding discs are located above the shaft, positioned at the upper part of the bowl. When food is inserted into the feed tube, it interacts with these discs and gets grated or sliced into the bowl.

This sous-chef-like appliance significantly speeds up your cooking process while enhancing the flavors of your dishes.

11 Amazing Benefits Of Food Processor

  1. Grinding Meat
    The moment we start exploring food processor uses, we always think for a second Can a food processor grind meat? And if you are a non-veg you have all right to seek an answer for can a food processor grind meat. Therefore, the answer is yes!

    Experience the cost-saving delight of grinding meat using your food processor. Take advantage of discounted meats by cutting them into 1½-inch pieces, freezing them for 30 minutes, and then utilizing the “S” blade with quick pulses to process. Enhance the flavor further by seasoning and pulsing again until you achieve a finely minced texture.Grinding Meat

  2. Homemade Oat Flour
    Make the most of your oats in your baking supplies by creating your own oat flour. It’s a breeze to make and much more cost-effective than buying it from the store. Just put oats into a food processor, blend until finely ground, and you’ve got yourself gluten-free oat flour that can be used for various recipes like muffins, cakes, and pancakes. One of the best benefits of food processor!Homemade Oat Flour
  3. Churning Butter
    Many don’t know churning butter is one of the best food processor uses! Create homemade butter using only heavy cream and a touch of optional salt. Simply pour the cream into the processor and, using the “S” blade, allow it to work its magic for approximately 10 minutes as it separates the butter fat from the liquid. To remove any remaining liquid, strain it through a fine-mesh strainer lined with either paper towels or cheesecloth.Churning Butter
  4. Vegetable Crudités
    Ensure that your refrigerator is always well-equipped with pre-cut vegetable crudités, as they make for a perfect snack when paired with homemade dips. Take advantage of food processor uses and utilize any leftover vegetables or salads by dicing them using the attachment on your food processor.

    Peppers, cucumber, carrot, and celery are excellent options for this purpose. Simply slice and dice these veggies by hand to indulge in a convenient and nutritious treat or use up any remaining bits of vegetables in various ways.Vegetable Crudités

  5. Big Batch Mixing
    When you are about to cook something with a recipe that requires extensive chopping and mixing, a food processor proves to be incredibly helpful.  By utilizing the amazing benefits of food processor, you can speed up the process and make your delicious cuisine in no time!Big Batch Mixing
  6. Homemade Vegetable Stock Cubes
    Create your own stock cubes from nearly spoiled vegetables to give soups, stews, and curries a flavorful base. Together, celery, carrots, leeks, and onions produce amazing results. Use the ThermoResist Glass Blending Attachment on your food processor to create a smooth mixture after the vegetables have been cooked in water. The resulting mixture should be frozen in an ice cube tray.Homemade Vegetable Stock Cubes
  7. Sauces
    Considering the benefits of food processor, making emulsified sauces that are smooth and silky is super easy! Your processor makes preparing mayo or Hollandaise sauce quick and simple. By transforming homemade mayo into creamy ranch dressing, your processor turns into a useful tool for making these sauces quickly.Sauces
  8. Pasta Dough
    Get ready to enjoy the pleasure of making your own pasta dough. With the help of a food processor, you can effortlessly wow your guests and avoid any messy flour spills. The contrast between fresh homemade pasta and store-bought dried pasta is truly eye-opening. Using a food processor makes the process of preparing your dough incredibly easy, adding an extra touch to all your culinary masterpieces.Pasta Dough
  9. Salsa
    Enhance your salsa skills with the help of food processor uses. To achieve an ideal chunky texture, it is recommended to chop your ingredients into larger pieces before processing them. Simply add the chunky ingredients to your processor and pulse until you reach your desired consistency.Salsa
  10. Jams and Jellies
    Use your food processor to make homemade jams and jellies to enhance your breakfast. You’re set to go if you have a plastic dough blade, canning containers, and juicy fruit like plums, cherries, or grapes. The essential fruit juices required for these delicious tasty spreads are easily extracted by this machine. Give up store-bought jams and jellies and enjoy the rich flavor of your customized versions instead.Jams and Jellies
  11. Grating Cheese
    Avoid buying packaged cheese by grating it yourself for a world of flavor. Your secret weapon in this situation is your food processor, which can get rid of additives and preservatives. The benefits of food processor ensure safety and smoothness, eliminating the need to struggle with a box grater and run the risk of scraped fingers. A grating disc is typically included with processors to make shredding simple. Skip the disc and pulse the small cheese chunks for a rougher texture.Grating Cheese


What is a food processor and what does a food processor do, is something that we have answered above in detail! But to sum it up, a food processor is more than just a powerful blender; it has the potential to take your kitchen experience to new heights.

With its ability to slice, dice, and blend effortlessly, this tool can greatly reduce your workload in the kitchen. Additionally, it plays an important role in preventing food wastage by converting leftovers into yummy snacks.

So, go ahead and embrace the benefits of food processor – a valuable ally that is meant to enhance your cooking skills!


Q1. Can a food processor slice potatoes?

Answer: A good rule of thumb is to use the blade name as your guide because food processors can have different types of blades to slice, dice, and chop potatoes. Use a slicing disc, a dicing kit, and a multipurpose s-blade to slice and dice potatoes.

Q2. How do I get the most out of my food processor?

Answer: Tips for Doing It Right

  1. Always stab the blade into the food before adding it.
  2. Use the pulse button.
  3. Allow hot liquids to cool.
  4. Purée the ingredients of the soup without stock.
  5. Partial-freeze cheese and meats.
  6. When making nut butter, be patient.
  7. Steer clear of “mashed” potatoes.

Q3. What can a food processor do that a blender Cannot?

Answer: A blender is primarily used to puree or crush ice. If your finished product is a protein shake, mocktail, drizzle, or dip that you can consume, use a blender. A food processor can slice, grate, shred, dice, and do many other things in addition to pureeing.

Q4. Can a food processor peel vegetables?

Answer: However, dicing requires accuracy while peeling calls for thinly shaving a fruit or vegetable’s outer layer; both tasks are a lot for the blunt blades that most food processors ship with. It also turns out that the Peel & Dice cannot handle peeling.

Q5. Can you use a food processor as a juicer?

Answer: As food processors are strong appliances with sharper blades than blenders, food processors can handle more filling juice ingredients like apples or kale for green juice.

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