Selecting the Right Electric Kettle For Your Kitchen

Selecting the Right Electric Kettle For Your Kitchen

Electric kettles – the basic kitchen appliance has, indeed, come a long way!  However, the questions remain the same; which one should we go for?

Since electric kettles now come in a variety of styles and features in addition to their basic functionality; we’ve streamlined the process of selecting the best modern electric kettle in this blog.

We’ll assist you in making an informed choice for this crucial kitchen appliance, whether you require a higher capacity, a particular material, or advanced security features.

Examine important factors to make sure your cordless electric kettle completely meets your needs. Let’s get into the crucial elements to think about before making a purchase.

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Why Do You Need a Modern Electric Kettle?

Well, with so much advancement in the culinary industry, electric kettles have upgraded their levels too! Today, a modern electric kettle has now become a must-have in any home, and here are some of the reasons why your kitchen needs it:

Speed: Because they quickly bring water to a boil, they are ideal for people who value efficiency when making their morning tea or coffee.

Economical: Electric kettles are economical because they require less energy for heating water, which will eventually result in lower energy costs.

Versatility: These kettles are capable of producing instant coffee, muesli, and other quick meals in addition to boiling water.

Safety: Modern electric kettles are safer than conventional stovetop kettles because they don’t have an open flame, which lowers the possibility of mishaps like fires and burns.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. When you follow a link to purchase the products, I sometime earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

Types of Modern Electric Kettle

 Plastic electric kettle

Cheap and sturdy, but there are worries about BPA leakage and a small alteration in taste or odor.

 Plastic electric kettle

 Stainless Steels Kettle

Offers dependability, a classy appearance, and affordable pricing, with certain models including helpful extras.

 Stainless Steels Kettle

Glass Electric Kettle

An electric kettle made of glass is fashionable but more expensive; it also requires more frequent cleaning and is more delicate.

Glass Electric Kettle

Copper Electric Kettle

Quickly heats water, and has a vintage look, but current versions have insulation for safety, whereas vintage solid copper models are only decorative

Copper Electric Kettle:

Electric Kettle Uses

Although an electric kettle is specially designed for making tea, its purpose is not just limited to that! Here are a few electric kettle uses that you might not know. Have a look!

  • One of the electric kettle uses is, it can be used for heating milk, but take care not to overheat it.

Boil Milk

  • It can be used to boil eggs, an unexpected but amazing addition to electric kettle uses.

Boil Egg

  • You can boil water and add it to the instant food like noodles or ramen to prepare them.


  • To make hot soup, combine the ingredients for instant soup with hot water in your kettle. One of the best electric kettle uses.


  • Prepare muesli quickly by covering it with hot water and adding nuts and fruits.


  • You can make full use of electric kettle uses by making rice in it. Soak rice for 15 to 20 minutes; bring rice to a boil in a kettle.

Boil Rice

  • Use the kettle for cosmetic procedures like steaming your face or soaking your feet.

Face Steaming

  • Pour hot water into dishes and skillets to remove tough stains.


  • This use among all other electric kettle uses is like a DIY hack! Clean baby bottles and other small utensils in the kettle for 10 to 15 minutes to sterilize them.


Factors You Must Consider Before Buying an Electric Kettle


When choosing a modern electric kettle, it’s important to consider convenience. Electric kettles are made for ease of use and some have extra features that make them even more user-friendly. These features may include automatic shut-off for safety, LED indicators to show when they’re on, and protection against overheating to prevent accidents.


When considering the size of a kettle, it’s crucial to take your needs into account. If you have a big family or frequently need to make multiple servings at once, opting for a larger capacity kettle is important. Brands like Reason offer modern electric kettle with generous capacities of around 2 liters, making it easy to meet the demands of your entire household. Plus, they often come with built-in scales for convenient measurement.


The look of your electric kettle is important, especially if it’s visible on your kitchen counter. Electric kettles come in stylish stainless steel and glass designs, so you can find one that matches the style of your kitchen. They also have a heat-resistant handle for safe handling.


Always consider the capacity of a modern electric kettle to make sure it matches your needs. If you need to boil a lot of water often, go for a bigger size. On the other hand, if you just want to make one or two cups of tea, a smaller kettle will do the job. Electric kettles come in different sizes, usually ranging from 0.5L to 1.8L.

Heating Performance

How quickly a modern electric kettle can heat water depends on its wattage. A kettle with a higher wattage, such as 1500W, heats water more quickly. Kettles with more capacity might need more power. This affects the cost and functionality of various models.

Build Quality

For an electrical kettle to withstand repeated use, a sturdy construction is essential. Look for sturdy handles, good insulation, and additional safety features. Some kettles have transparent bodies for simple monitoring, touch-friendly materials on the cover, and detachable lids for simple cleaning.

Water Temperature Settings

You can set the temperature you want for the water on some electric kettles, which is helpful for a variety of beverages. Verify if the model you are thinking about has this feature.

Indicators for Water Level and Temperature

Seek out kettles with transparent designs or water temperature indicators so you can easily check the water level. This makes it simple to monitor water temperature and refill requirements.

Cordless Design

The majority of electric kettles are cordless in nature. The cordless electric kettle is super easy to use as the cord makes it portable and simple to clean. For added convenience, make sure the cordless electric kettle selected has a docking base.

Boiling Time

Modern Electric kettles are renowned for heating water quickly. While the majority claim to boil water in 3 to 4 minutes, some claim to do so in as little as 90 seconds, guaranteeing efficiency, especially in the morning rush.

Weight and Portability

If you intend to take your electric kettle on the road, think about how lightweight and portable it is. This might not be as much of an issue for countertop use.


Before buying a modern electric kettle, take your budget into account. Prices change depending on the design and features. Find a kettle that has the features you require and is reasonably priced. Reason offers contemporary electric kettles at an affordable price, so you aren’t going to spend a lot on upkeep.


Verify the length of the warranty and the components that are covered. It’s recommended to go for a kettle with an extended warranty for additional security.

Modern Electric Kettle Brand Recommendations


Customers are extremely satisfied with electric kettle brands like Bonavita. The Bonavita’s electric kettles with variable temperatures are truly amazing!
The users have appreciated how simple these kettles are to pour from, maintain, and heat water in. The overwhelming majority of reviews are favorable, indicating that Bonavita is a dependable option.


Chef’s Choice

The majority of the electric kettle models available from Chef’s Choice are cordless. Numerous customers have expressed satisfaction with their purchases, praising the quick water heating, appealing designs, and practical features.
Some reviews of these electric kettle brands, however, express concerns about the robustness of these kettles, posing the possibility that their lifespan may be short.

Chef's Choice


Although there are some critics, reviews for Chefman’s electric kettles are generally favourable. The majority of customers laud their simplicity, excellent features, fashionable appearance, and quick water heating. However, some users draw attention to problems like loud buzzing and durability worries.
Although the majority of customers are happy with their Chefman kettles overall, issues can arise.



When it comes to the best electric kettle brands, Capresso is the one! The glass electric kettle from Capresso has mostly received favorable reviews. Customers love the sleek design, quick water heating, and transparency of the glass, which allows them to observe the boiling process.
However, a few kettles didn’t last as long as expected, according to some users who have complained about durability issues.



A variety of electric kettles are available from Cuisinart, and reviews are mixed but generally favorable. The quick performance and practical features of these kettles are well-liked by users. Customers do, however, frequently complain about Cuisinart’s durability and some express displeasure with the company’s customer support.
It’s important to remember that even though you might initially be happy with electric kettle brands including your Cuisinart kettle, long-term durability might be a problem.


Best Electric Kettle Reviews

1. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle
Cuisinart CPK 17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

Due to its dependable performance, the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle has maintained its position as our top pick since 2013. It stands out for its precise temperature control, which has six presets and a 30-minute “keep warm” function. It boils a full 1.7 liters of water in about 7 minutes. Furthermore, this kettle has the best electric kettle reviews because of its generous three-year warranty, especially when compared to models of a similar type.


2. Breville IQ KettleBreville IQ Kettle

The Breville IQ Kettle has five temperature defaults and a 20-minute “keep warm” function, combining style and functionality. However, especially when contrasted to the Cuisinart CPK-17, its higher cost, constrained one-year warranty, and wide handle design might not make the investment worthwhile for everyone. Nevertheless, for those looking for a streamlined design and comfortable handle, this electric kettle reviews suggest that it’s the perfect option.

3. Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel 1.7 Liter KettleHamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel 1.7 Liter Kettle

According to the electric kettle reviews, the Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel 1.7 Litre Kettle is a good option for people on a tight budget who still need a dependable kettle. It has an easy on/off switch at the base of the handle, making it user-friendly.

It has a safety feature “automatic shut-off” that activates when boiling is complete and in our tests boiled water just as quickly as the Cuisinart CPK-17. A hassle-free experience is guaranteed by the large, heat-resistant handle’s ability to stay cool to the touch and the spout’s ability to pour without dripping.

4. Chefman 1.8L Digital Electric Glass KettleChefman 1.8L Digital Electric Glass Kettle

For those who enjoy drinking tea, the Chefman Electric Kettle kettle reviews are outstanding! It offers a choice of seven temperature presets for quick boiling water and has a handy removable tea infuser. The kettle also has a color-changing feature and a one-year warranty, which make it an appealing purchase—especially given its low cost.



Choosing the ideal modern electric kettle is slightly confusing given the wide variety available on the market. In addition to being secure, your ideal kettle should be strong, and capable of brewing tea and coffee as well as quick meals. This is particularly useful for single people or those who live independently.

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